Dominikánská 8 – Place of Education and Culture at the Priory of St. Giles in Prague

is a free platform provided by the Dominican brothers to all individuals and institutions who want to help shape activities organized in Prague´s Dominican Priory. Programmes take place either in the Baroque refectory, church of St. Giles, chapel of St. Zdislava next to the church or alternatively in other parts of the priory. Domini­kánská 8 is also ready to participate in activities taking place elsewhere organized by other, especially related, bodies.

We build our activities on eight pillars: these are more of an aim rather than a goal we have achieved:

Education and Culture

We humans are equipped with an amazing ability to explore the world we are living in. By means of education, the human spirit discerns reality and captures it. This grasp of reality then helps people create cultural values through the way they organize social structures or through artistic deeds of various kinds.

Tradition and Present

Tradition has a forward looking focus. Its primary task is transmitting inherited values soundly to future generations. The present cannot develop fully without understanding its own roots. Maintaining continuity and tradition can help present society create its own identity with confidence.

Truth and Dialogue

The search for truth is difficult and never stops. And, once found, truth can be hard to define correctly and comprehensibly so that it can be shared with other people. The desire for truth connects people of different minds and makes possible a real dialogue which enriches all participants.

Quality and Availability

Substantial ideas deserve high quality presentation. A high quality performance not only supports the content being shared but is also of value in itself. Quality is not an extravagant luxury and therefore has to be given and made available to everyone. Endeavouring to do work well makes the best impression and invites cooperation.

Through their activities, Do­minikánská 8 strive to spread and develop cultural, spiritual and moral values as understood by Christian tradition. They want to contribute to this aim by a solid deliberation and open dialogue with the contemporary world in various areas. In this effort, the platform Domi­nikánská 8 considers its catholic identity is also beneficial to others. Domini­kánská 8 seeks mutual themes and interests with all people regardless of religious affiliation.